Silver Fingerprints


Silver Fingerprints

At Silver and Stone we will work with you to create fabulous fingerprint jewellery. Fingerprint pendants and charms can be made in a variety of shapes; hearts, drops, circles, flowers, squares or we can customise a shape for you. The charms can be used to make a necklace pendant, bracelet charm, tie pin or on cufflinks. Additional designs can be added depending on the size of the charm and the size of the fingerprint. A small gemstone can be added, initials or a name. The fingerprints can be darkened to emphasise the fingerprints or left silver.

At Silver and Stone we specialise in a double heart pendant. This is a lovely way to have two fingerprints joined together. It could be for two children, a couple getting married or engaged or an anniversary present. It clearly signifies love.

How do we get a fingerprint?

Every fingerprint is different!

A fabulous part of the process is actually getting the fingerprint; seeing your child or loved one creating the impression.  You can see them making their impression and the curiosity and fascination with it. It also gives you a hint of what it might look like when it’s complete.

We use silver clay to make the impression. This is an amazing product which results in 99.9% silver.  It’s a by-product of the photographic industry in Japan and is fascinating to work with.  The clay is rolled out to the required depth and the finger pressed into the clay.  The clay is then cut to the shape you want.  It doesn’t take long and doesn’t hurt.  After drying and polishing the jewellery is ready for you to wear.

If you live further afield, we can still create a beautiful fingerprint impression.  We can send you a moulding kit with instructions on how to use it. You can then take an impression yourself and send it back to us and we’ll take the print form that.

Babies don’t have fingerprints developed until they are 9 months – 1 year old.  We can still produce a lovely charm which will represent a beautiful memento of the baby at that age, but please be aware that they won’t have fully developed fingerprint lines.


We have recently developed a range of hand and footprint keepsakes. These can be made to order from you childs foot or hand print. We will send you a kit with instructions, return the hand prints and we’ll work our magic and shrink them to make a beautiful Silver Keepsake.

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